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ZWCAD Architecture - Built for Immediate Productivity

ZWCAD Architecture software is ZWCAD for architects to gain immediate productivity. It includes all the functionality of ZWCAD, plus content libraries and tools designed specifically for architectural drawings, which enhance the workflow, automate tedious drafting tasks, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Associative plans, sections, elevations and 3D models

ZWCAD Architecture can generate associative 2D sections, elevations and 3D rendering models from floor plans directly. If designs change, the sections, elevations and 3D models will be fully updated too..

Walls, doors and windows

Generate walls from single lines and grids or create a wall directly. You can fillet or chamfer the wall as you need. Doors and types of windows such as common windows, bay windows, arc windows, and rectangle holes are available for you to choose from. You can justify the door & window positions in batch, as well as precisely control the pile widths and the distances to walls and axis's. If you move a door or window, the wall will mend itself automatically..

A comprehensive and customizable pattern library

ZWCAD Architecture provides a comprehensive and customizable hatch pattern library and block library. The block library includes architecture, structure,indoors and other kinds of blocks, which are frequently used in architectural design. With these libraries at hand, you can save time on basic drawing work and focus on design.

Customizable design interface

The ZWCAD Architecture screen menu provides tools classified in terms of different phases of the work flow. You can expand the screen menu or check the sub menu by right clicking. You can also customize the menu to make the interface simple and clear by selecting the items you want, while the system also provides three personalized modes for you to choose from: Standard menu(default), Elevation and Section, and General Drawing Plan.

Various types of roofs

Generate different types of roofs from simple to complex, or flat to slope. You can add dormer windows and skylight to the roof as well.

Quick Dimension

You can quickly dimension the architecture components including walls, doors, windows ect. associatively according to your own standards.

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